The Tallboys

Performing Old Time, Early Country, & Blues in the Pacific NW


The Tallboys band has been an active project since 2003, and has enjoyed creative input from a number of talented artists.  Below is our current line-up of musicians & alumni.  All can offer lessons, click on each name if you wish to send an email.

Charmaine Slaven

Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Flatfooting, Square Dance Calling

Originally from Stevensville, MT, Charmaine moved to the NW in 2000 and began her pursuit of an artistic career in 2005 after trying her hand at many lines of work, from administrative to veterinary.  She joined up with the Tallboys in 2005, after falling in love with Old-Time music and dance.  She’s our resident dance caller & flatfoot dancer, and has gained a great reputation for her fun and engaging method of getting folks dancing.  Variety is the spice of life, and in addition to performing with The Tallboys and Squirrel Butter, she has accomplished a myriad of projects, including urban farming, founding a co-op, event planning, & community organizing.

John Hurd

Bass, Vocals

Originally from Oregon,  John has been playing music since age nine.  After playing bass in myriad rock, jazz, mathcore, funk, shoegaze, bluegrass, and many other  bands  he was lucky enough to be present at the formation of The Tallboys, a band that he describes as his most satisfying musical project to date. In his spare time he enjoys singing and playing fiddle and accordion with his wife, Justine, in their duo The Stellar Jays.

Joe Fulton

Fiddle, Vocals

Joe Fulton grew up in Iowa, and has been playing fiddle since boyhood. A founding member of The Tallboys, Joe’s impressive fiddling is the signature sound of The Tallboys string band.  He is a frequent busker at the Pike Place Market.

WB Reid

Fiddle, Guitar, Vocals

WB has been playing dances and concerts throughout the west coast for decades with several generations of musicians.  He's wandered a crooked path through many musical lands, resulting in a broad and apparently endless repertoire of songs and fiddle tunes.  WB is involved in many other musical projects, including, the Rhythm Rollers, the Todalo Shakers, and a duo with his wife, Bonnie Zahnow.  We’re excited to feature WB on our album “Fresh Daily”, and continue to benefit from his amazing mentorship as we travel down our musical path.

Charlie Beck

Banjo, Fiddle, Vocals, Songwriting

Born and raised in Indiana, Charlie moved to Seattle in 2000 where he became a founding member & creative force of The Tallboys.  Charlie also performs as a duo with his wife, Charmaine Slaven, called Squirrel Butter.    An avid songwriter, he has recorded three albums of his own original and traditional music.  Charlie is a dazzling and versatile banjo player, and he is also accomplished on fiddle, guitar, lap & pedal steel.  Aside from music performance, he is currently producing and directing his own original screenplay, Squirrel Butter the Movie.

Cahalen Morrison


Hailing from the high desert of Tierra Amarilla, NM, Cahalen started playing drums at age 12. In middle school, he started playing all around Northern New Mexico in a traditional New Mexican, Mexican and country band, while playing old-time mandolin and guitar at home with his father. After touring for 6 years, Cahalen landed in Seattle, and has established himself as songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist. He plays solo (, in a duo with Eli West (, and various other projects.

The Tallboys String Band

Performing fiddle tunes and songs from the late 1800’s through 1930’s,

this original format of The Tallboys features all-acoustic instrumentation

and a super-tight, authentic string band sound.

The Tallboys Country Band

Performing classic honky-tonk from the 1940’s-70’s, this electrified version of the Tallboys features Charlie Beck on steel, Charmaine Slaven on Rhythm Guitar, Devin Champlin on fiddle, Katy Harris on Bass, and Cahalen Morrison or Andy Rick on drums.

Rob Adesso

Acoustic Guitar & Telecaster

Now back in his hometown of Chicago, Rob's been an active member of the Seattle folk music community for several years and has played with many different bluegrass, old time, and country music ensembles.  Rob is a founding member of The Tallboys Stringband, and recently rejoined us on Telecaster in our Country Band project.

The Tallboys Alumni

We’re pleased to have worked with these fine musicians, and look forward

to working  with them whenever the opportunity presents.

Paul McGowen


Paul McGowen, from Eureka Springs, AR, was a founding member of The Tallboys.  He moved back to home state in 2007, and now lives in Fayetteville with his lovely wife, Skye, and daughter, Avie.  He and Skye have a great duo album available as Shout Lulu; he plays banjo, uke, pedal steel, and mandolin with the Old 78’s; and he plays pedal steel with his new honky-tonk project.  You can hear his work with us on our early albums, “Hang it on Your Door”, “Wildhog”, and “Yeah Buddy”.  Paul continues to inspire us with his great taste in old music, definitely look him up if you are in Fayetteville!

Andy Rick